Wedding Party

Sara Doody

Maid of Honor

Sara and Elizabeth have been friends since they met in the Oak Park River Forest Children's Choir in 4th grade. Choir retreats, giant bags of candy, and gossiping about crushes helped us form a bond in the early years. As we got older we learned just how strong and special our friendship was. Sara has been there for Elizabeth for the last 20 years and is always the most supportive and wise friend imaginable.

Jean Reidy

Maid of Honor

Though Jean and Liz disagree on how long they've been friends (Jean says 10 years, Liz says 3), we can agree that it was inevitable that we'd become close. How could we not when we have a similar love for margs, Joseph (the musical), and talking about our Cheese Boat opponents? Jean is a friend in the truest sense of the word. She's there just as much in hard times as in fun times. Plus we basically owe all of this to her since she orchestrated Liz and Chris's first car date!

Caroline Bailey


Someone in the Northwestern Housing department certainly earned their salary in 2004 when they paired Elizabeth and Caroline as Freshman roommates. Though we're still not sure whether we both told the truth about being messy or whether we both tried to hide it so we'd get paired with a.clean roommate, someone clearly knew we were meant to be. We quickly bonded thanks to our similar values, love of NU football and power naps, and dislike of mice, freshman seminar, and getting up early. Caroline has two adorable children, who we're hoping will share her with us for the night of the wedding!

Lizzy Carrick


Elizabeth and Lizzy met while they were grad students at Erikson. Even before we officially met, Elizabeth knew she wanted to be friends with Lizzy when she saw her walk out of a class in the middle of a lecture to laugh uncontrollably in the hall. The two of us almost always crack each other up with things that are funny to no one else, and we've helped each other survive the insanity of teaching in CPS for the last 7 years.

Christa Martens


Christa was Elizabeth's first real friend. We met in the nursery of Grace church at the age of 3 and were basically inseparable after that. We've been partners in Kids Glue (with a $1.01 profit), T-Ball champions as Stretch & Hoover, and a wonderful support for each other in these last 30+ years. Christa is one of the few people who is able to easily use all of Elizabeth's different nicknames in different friend groups. It's a true blessing in life to have someone who knows you so deeply and is always there for you.

Blair Schwab


Eliz met Blair during Freshman year of college and instantly knew she wanted to become friends with her. The two bonded during Freshman Seminar and Best Buddies, and eventually became roommates during Senior Year. Blair is one of those people who makes everything more fun with her incredibly smart yet silly personality. The two of us have enjoyed time together in California, Atlanta, and Canada. We always enjoy celebrating our birthdays together (one day apart!), and can't wait to cheers to Blair's 36th at midnight of our wedding night!

Stephanie Sorensen


Eliz met Steph at Northwestern thanks to Caroline and Blair. While we shared some great memories there at Hundo and Coldstone, we truly became close while we both lived in Chicago after graduating. Whether at a NU football game or the Christkindlmarket, the two of us have created so many special traditions. Steph is always ready to celebrate and support the people in her life.

Joe Zyer


After begging her parents for a sibling for years, Joe finally joined the family when Elizabeth was 6 years old. Joe is the middle Zyer sibling and one of the most genuine people you'll meet. He is always there to listen and support us, hang out on our patio, and take care of Ollie when needed. He pushes our family to think critically and continue to grow and learn new things and we're all so much better for having him in our lives.

Tom Zyer


Tom is the youngest and most extroverted Zyer-- you may have seen his 100+ person birthday bar crawl around Chicago every June. Tom perfectly completed our family when he was born. His sense of humor and willingness to try anything brings everyone around him so much joy. It has been wonderful having Tom live in the city. He and Elizabeth enjoy playing on Cheese Boat together and singing German Christmas carols together after Tarascas margaritas. Tom and Chris enjoy playing video games and trading cocktail recipes.

Brian Helton

Best Man

Brian is Chris’ older brother who guided him through his early years. Chris and Brian grew up playing soccer and swimming, with Brian going on to swim four years in college. We continue to bond over fishing trips and fun family times with Brian's kids (take a look at the cute photos below!). Though you've probably heard a few stories about fights over Easter eggs and years of revenge after Chris pulled Brian's arm out of the socket, Brian has a huge heart and loves helping people.

Jon Witt

Best Man

Jon and Chris first met at Purdue and have been close friends for almost 20 years . They've bonded over a shared love of sports, video games, and boats. Though Jon recently moved to Indiana (which is NOT basically Chicago as he'd have you believe), he and Chris have continued their competitions on Xbox online. Jon is a very thoughtful friend and someone you can always count on.

Adam Clodfelter


Adam and Chris have been friends since meeting in 6th grade. They played soccer together in high school, and Adam went on to play four years in college. Adam and Chris had an epic adventure backpacking through Europe together after college, where they put their Europasses to good use and were only slightly terrified of German police when they boarded the train. Adam is an amazing father to his 4 kids, and still manages to carve out time for both fun nights and meaningful talks with friends.

Tyler Haehl


Aside from his brother, Chris lived with Tyler longer than with any other groomsmen. Having met in college at Purdue, they were roommates for several years together in college and Chris was often an honorary “third wheel” with Tyler and his wife, Heather. The three had lots of great nights drinking wine and talking for hours. Tyler is a sneaky good athlete who you would definitely want on any dodgeball team. He's also one of the most focused and hardest working people I know.

Alan Huang


Chris met Alan through mutual friends while working at Ford and the two became fast friends. Their early friendship blossomed around company softball games, barbecue club, wine tasting, and nights out in Ann Arbor. Though we now live in different cities, we've been able to maintain a strong friendship with long phone calls that always include lots of insightful questions from Alan. Alan is a diligent reader and writer and lover of philosophy and learning- he's already started reading The Canterbury Tales to his 2 month-old daughter!

Tyler Rabold


Tyler is Chris's younger cousin, and basically became his second brother growing up. After many years of all fishing and shooting clay pigeons together as a family, Tyler is now probably the biggest outdoorsman in the family with a love of hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. Tyler is also an amazing father who puts his family first and always keeps others laughing with his clever sense of humor.

Tim Rabold


Tim is Chris's youngest cousin and, like Tyler, was basically another brother to Chris. He and Chris share great memories of growing up playing Ghost in the Graveyard, swimming in their grandparents' pond, and trying not to get beat up by Brian. Though he's no longer likely to eat anything if you pay him, he does still continue to do anything he can to make others smile. We love Tim for his optimism, huge heart, and great sense of Humor.

Eric Swickard


Although they didn’t become close until high school, Eric and Chris met in Kindergarten, making Eric Chris’ longest tenured friend. Chris and Eric lived together for a summer in Indianapolis and found that they lived so well together, he's probably Chris's 2nd favorite person to live with (#1 going to Liz, of course). Eric is the biggest Indiana sports fan Chris knows, and Liz knows when Chris gets a text on his phone there's at least a 50% chance it's about the Pacers or Colts.

Hudson, Sawyer, and Atticus Helton

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

Though they're all quick to run and say hi to Aunt Liz first, Hudson, Sawyer, and Atticus are Chris's nieces and nephew (and they love him just as much). They're all so special to us. We love Hudson's kind, intuitive heart, Sawyer's spunk, and Atticus's fun-loving approach to life as he marches to the beat of his own drum. We hope that on the wedding day you're all able to get out on the dance floor with these three, who are sure to have amazing moves!
Alethea and Ruth